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Guilty Pleasures Volume 1

Guilty Pleasures Volume 1

By Joyce McCarthy   

Guilty Pleasures is a collection of steamy erotica shorts about lust, deceit, betrayal and situations that make us seek out guilty pleasures.

Tim cannot believe his luck when his hot boss invites him to her place for a drink. His wildest fantasies come true at Julianne’s place. But how long will lust hide the dark secrets both of them are carrying?

A hotel room, a sexy man, and a gorgeous woman. But is Stephanie really the woman Joe believes she is?

Barbara is back in her home town after seven long years. As she runs into her ex-flame Roger in a party, her feelings for him she thought since long had died, are re-kindled.

It has been several years since Jessica broke up with her college boyfriend. Does she have to spend the rest of her life only with the memories of good times?

After eleven years of her marriage with Carl, Julie has finally found a way to spice things up!

Emily gets into a virtual affair with ‘Dream Lover’, someone she meets online. He is the perfect substitute for her husband Harry, but she has no clue about his real identity. Should she try to find out?