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Lustmates (Orgasmica Book 1)

Orgasmica Book 1

By Sexisha   

Obsession never felt so good…
Oakland-based friends & housemates Qlaudia Westone and Roger Vasquez enjoyed a chill, drama free co-existence for 4 whole years. Neither could’ve predicted an exchange on sex would shift from the verbal to the physical – to the uncontrollable.
They get in on sexual-soul mate style one morning after smoking up and throwing down; the initial romp too sublime to deny an encore. They crave each other on a cellular level, but Roger and Qlaudia clash on how to proceed, under the same roof, no less. Qlaudia’s a sexually adventurous artist who wants to see where this unrelenting desire will lead them. Despite what his loins ‘say’, Roger resists surrender and wants things to go back to the ‘good ole days’, before sex entered the scene. Their emo-erotic tug of war leaves them both physically gratified, but emotionally agonized. Infatuation shifts into overdrive when it appears that Roger is in romantic cahoots with his ex-girlfriend. Both parties find themselves in a state of emotional disorder as they become a house divided – neither sure if sex has simply destroyed their warm alliance, or offered an opportunity for something far more.