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Rave: The Spirit Path, The Secret Path, The Forbidden Path

By Tammy Tate   

The Spirit Path: A time travel, romance series about two people that risk everything to be together. A modern day girl learns to stay alive in 1812 in a hostile Indian environment. The Sioux warrior returns with her to adapt to the twentieth century with present day conveniences and laws. One thing is inevitable. Ill-tempered men are always willing to break the rules for their own personal gain. In both worlds, survival becomes the ultimate goal. Everything else becomes secondary.

The Spirit Path
Nicole goes horseback riding, not knowing that the events of the day would forever change her life. After she falls off her horse and hits her head she wakes up to unfamiliar surroundings only to find she has traveled back in time to the year 1812. She swung into the saddle, took a deep breath and then mustered the strength to ask him a question that she had been putting off. “What year is it?” She exhaled slowly, preparing herself for his response knowing that when she woke up this morning it was 1997. Flaming Arrow started to ride off, and then turned his horse to face her. “It is 1812”

The Secret Path
Time travel is a fantasy. Isn’t it? Not anymore… Nicole wakes up and realizes she has traveled to 1812 and back. Now, she’ll risk everything to go back. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. She can’t come and go at will and there’s no guarantee where she’ll end up. But her love for the Sioux warrior she left behind far outweighs the risks. Sam is a modern day Shaman who agrees to help get back to 1812. In a twisted leap of fate, Nicole’s best friend goes with her. Now, they are trying to survive. Nicole has three goals. Find her soulmate, convince Tracy she’s still married and get them home alive. Will she succeed?

The Forbidden Path
It’s been six months since Nicole traveled to 1812 and brought a Sioux warrior back to the twentieth century. Now, she calls him Rave to protect his identity. When they go for a weekend excursion, a motorcycle gang kidnaps Nicole. Will Rave rescue her before the evil leader can do the unthinkable?