Andrew Saxsma

Andrew Saxsma Andrew’s style has been called eclectic and to the point, with some polished flowery imagery for flavoring. His ideas are sharp and grisly and mostly deal with the fringes  of reality, the things you hear on dark stormy nights, the things you dream about as you stare at a diamond-night sky, the things with no names. If the world of Literature  was a full-bodied woman, his writing would be her panty-hose, tight and fitting.



The End to a Beginning

By Andrew Saxsma   

You’re standing outside the house of the man who helped murder your eight-year-old son. You have a gun in your pocket, one you’ve never fired before, one you’ve never had to. You’re nervous, and you threw up a few minutes ago.

Some of it is still on your sleeve. You’ve heard the body has a […]

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