Charlotte R.S. Lenox

Charlotte r. s. LenoxCharlotte R. S. Lenox was born and raised in the temperate rainforests of Juneau, Alaska, where the winters are dark and the summers brief (but the fish are tasty). She received her BA in English and MS in Library and Information Science from Drexel University. She has 10+ short stories published in online and print magazines, and is working on a couple of novels. She generally writes surrealist fantasy or soft science fiction, but has also written mainstream and creative non-fiction-whatever strikes her fancy. Currently, she is an associate editor for Per Contra: An International Journal of the Arts, Literature, and Ideas. She lives near Philadelphia. Check out her blog.


By Charlotte R.S. Lenox   

The Gryphon’s arrival and death brought the trapped villagers of Leibin hope: memories of a world beyond the fog and thus a path out of their purgatory. However, the Wellspring has now run dry: Paula has angered the Gryphon’s spirit, and must find an answer—before the fog closes in.

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