Henry P. Gravelle

Henry P. Gravelle
Henry P. Gravelle is the author of the Buddy Sands Cases, Ten Wide, The Sketcher and The Closet of Lucy Pang, and has also penned The Bamboo Heart, Pug, The Fort Providence Watch, The Banshee, Apple Hill and Hobo.

His catalog includes the Doc Jacobi western series, Garrison Creek, Black Knife and The Noel Man, along with two short story collections Ollie-Ollie Oxen Free and Epitaph, showcasing Henry’s short stories which have appeared in numerous print and Ezine publications.

Film Rights have been optioned for his novellas, Gunner’s Rift, The Igloo Boys, Hobo and Bogieville, all of which he has written the screenplays. He is also the screenwriter for Cream Two Sugars, El Paso, Chum, Hobo, Bogieville, Baby Land and the Foreign language (German) film Der Vordere Platz.

Henry attended Northeastern University in Boston and currently resides along the south shore of Massachusetts.

Ten Wide

By Henry P. Gravelle   

Book 1 in A Buddy Sands Mystery

The spirit of world renown magician Danny Crane seeks justice for his murder made to appear as an accident eighteen years ago. While assisting in the investigation of a young woman’s murder in Danny’s hometown, retired Boston police detective Kevin “Buddy” Sands is sought through his paranormal abilities by the deceased magician to investigate his […]

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