Iyana Jenna

Iyana starting writing extensively after her obsession of The Lord of the Rings, Iyana finds herself unable to stop and keeps on writing especially when life gives her lemons. She only began to publish her stories last year after a constant nagging from a friend who thought it would be such a waste to keep the stories for herself. To Iyana, writing is never a waste. When not writing, Iyana sings, shouts, and jumps around with her kid pupils in the class, or travels around the country for her every day job.


By Iyana Jenna   

A stage actor, Tim Gregory found someone had broken into his changing room and turned everything upside-down. When insurance investigators Brent Sullivan and his partner came to see him, he it was to answer to his previous call. It turned out that the agents wanted to question him on a missing necklace that was stolen […]

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