Jo Barry

Jo Barry has worked in publishing for many years, and is now giving her fiction a front row seat. It’s a passion that’s in Jo’s blood—her father published noir mysteries and wrote TV daytime dramas. Jo puts that kind of mystery and drama into her romances, with characters in peril from medical, legal, criminal and personal threats. Her heroines are strong and smart and her heros rise to the occasion. And since Jo believes we all have romance in our hearts, her characters may seem a lot like someone you know.

Love In The Time Of Insomnia

By Jo Barry   

Allison Grayline suddenly has two new men in her life—Dr. Lawrence Snow, who gives her a natural sleep aid for her overwhelming insomnia and Kyle Bannister, the pharmaceutical rep who tells her not to take it. These guys are very different, but each has his own male energy that Allie finds powerfully attractive.

Allie is […]

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