JR Stringer

J.R. StringerAmbitious and vivacious author from Peterborough, UK. Writes to explore the human condition and the nature of friendship and love.

Reviews from Amazon (Taken from ‘One Night Stand Off’/’Stag Do Hullabaloo’): “The author’s ability to draw you in with ease, and then leave you dangling, is quite a talent” “JR Stringer must have a future” “Stringer writes sexily and scintillatingly” “What I really like about Stringer is her attention to detail, which goes hand in hand with a beguiling storytelling style, sucks you in and occasionally slaps you round the face – can’t wait to read more by her!” “A big future lies ahead for JR Stringer, and I shall be waiting with interest to see what comes next” “Good style, easy to read and thought provoking” “There is no pretentiousness with JR Stringer’s direct style of narrative” “Stringer is clearly a very talented and enthusiastic writer and I would recommend the work to anyone”

J R Stringer Anthology

By JR Stringer   

J R Stringer’s newly published anthology for 2013 brings three short stories together in one edition. These carefully chosen texts are deep, dramatic and dark. New story ‘Really Living’ makes this anthology an essential purchase.

One Night Stand Off – Everyone just needs encouragement . . . An otherwise ball-achingly boring work conference turns excruciatingly […]

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