Marion Webb-De Sisto

Marion Webb-De Sisto was born and grew up in England, but spent many years working and raising her family in the USA. At present, she lives in the Greater London Area of England with her American husband. After
taking early retirement in 1999, she was finally able to find time to write and began pursuing a life-long dream. Marion believes her writing career was inspired by her passion for reading from a very early age. She describes herself as a people watcher, and is fascinated by males who appear to be somewhat dark and threatening, but have a core of goodness within them. She uses her many years of working and communicating with people as a blueprint for ‘fleshing out’ her fictional characters. Marion’s Fantasy novels are filled with angels, demons and mythical creatures, while her non-fiction books offer information on metaphysical subjects. Both she and her husband are avid collectors of crystal skulls, as can be seen by her author photo.

Welcome to Danjal’s

By Marion Webb-De Sisto   

Meresin is the fallen angel that Ceila abhors. He’s rude, demanding and serves the Dark One. He loathes humans and considers them to be inferior to angels. This means that even though she’s only part human, he finds her objectionable at first.

Despite their intense dislike of each other, they are forced to be together […]

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