Susanne Chapman

I write at my kitchen table with the door open, or down at the bottom of my garden in my little summerhouse, which gives me peace and quiet, with just the bird song and my dog for company.
I love writing and being able to make up wonderful scenarios and characters, it’s time to yourself and escapism, which we all need.
My favourite are Chick Lit and Horror, though I have written stories in many genres.
My mum and friends always thought my stories were imaginative and thoughtful. They are always urging me to send them away somewhere.”
I’m a member of a great local writing club.
I’m a film buff and would love to write reviews too.

Lighten Up Your Life

By Susanne Chapman   

Jenny and Heidi are determined to win the battle of the bulge. So it’s down to the local slimming club, where lasagne and cheesecake are strictly off the menu and there’s no escaping the scales. But calorie-counting isn’t the only thing on their minds.

Heidi finds herself a different man every week, but none of […]

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