Sylvia Bell

Sylvia Bell was born in 1974 to Mexican immigrants here in the United States. She is the first in her family to go to college. She is a very imaginative writer of romance fiction that tends to cross over to erotica on occasion, so be prepared for a steamy ride. Her first published book, “The Game,” is a daring attempt at this genre. Look for more of her books in the very near future.

It’s in His Kiss

By Sylvia Bell   

When Elle Leighton finds out she’s pregnant, she leaves her lover, Luke Davies behind and moves to Chicago.

Will the two discover that there’s more to their relationship than just sex.

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The Game

By Sylvia Bell   

Kim has been burned by love one too many times. Being a college student and trying to focus on her studies while nursing a broken heart just isn’t on her agenda anymore. When a biology project turns into a game that can satisfy her sexual desires, while allowing her to keep her feelings at bay, she accepts without […]

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