Tim Reed


Tim Reed lives in south-west London, blessed with easy access to all the capital’s museums, galleries and theatres. He has been writing for a decade, at first as an extensive hobby, but in recent times he has had success in the short story field, having works published in both the UK and the States.
‘Running Free’ has been a constant in the higher reaches of Amazon Kindle downloads through 2011 and 2012, but it is in novels that he hopes to ultimately achieve. Work is almost finished on one such novel, titled Summons of the Majestic, which he hopes will peak agent and publisher interest in the young adult field.
Tim also has a sideline in freelance proofreading, which he has been practicing since 2008. Proofing helps his writing…and his writing helps his proofing. Further details of his proofing service are on the Proofreading Services page.
His current ‘pay the bills’ job is working as a Technical Author for Portcullis Computer Security Ltd. There, he pores over reports, tweaking and editing work from corporate clients, until the bell rings…and he can run home to his writing.
Literature is very important to Tim, and his inspirations include Algernon Blackwood and J R R Tolkien – one a grandfather of the Weird Tale, the other the progenitor of Fantasy. In their prose he can get lost, and he tries, more than anything, to incorporate their sense of grandeur into his own works – lofty, but ‘noble’ ideals!
His mantra for those seeking success in writing is simple: “Persist, exercise imagination…and happiness follows.”

Spider From The Well

By Tim Reed   

A man and his wife go on holiday in the New Forest, where they find old ruins and among it, a tattered diary. Intrigued, they begin to read, and are drawn into the tale of a bereaving man from the 19th Century, who has visions of a green sun and creatures clambering from the well […]

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