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Christmas is in the Air (Anthology)

By Jennifer Conner   Karen Hall   

Christmas is in the Air is a collection of four wonderful, sweet romances that will pull at your heartstrings and leave you with the need to hang Christmas lights! Get ready to read four stories by Cary Morgan Frates, Danielle Lee Zwissler, Jennifer Conner, and Karen Hall.

Red Soles at Night Christmas Delight

by Cary Morgan Frates

An unknown dog has just launched Audrey Wells’s expensive Louboutin shoes into the lake, her girlfriends have bailed on attending the Christmas Ship Parade
aboard her boat, and now she’s all alone for the holiday – can there possibly be an upside to all this misery?

Yuletide Bride

by Danielle Lee Zwissler
Every couple that gets married at the “Magic of Christmas” festival is a perfect match. The whole town believes that it is fate, but reporter, Mary Simms, is out to debunk the fraud.  Will Mary uncover the sham, or will she learn that
having a little faith is exactly what she needs? Join Mary and James this Christmas as they discover a new tradition.

Christmas Gift that Keeps Wagging

by Jennifer Conner
Julian Barrows has his hands full working and being a single dad to his kindergarten, special needs son, Gabe. Julian is introduced to seizure dog trainer Hanna. Does Santa and a four-legged ‘elf’ have love in their plan for this family?

One Horse Open Sleigh Race

by Karen Hall
A traditional earl and an outspoken clergyman’s twin sister find the way to true love with the help of a Christmas sleigh race and a match-making Scottie.