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    Columbia and Lauren

    By Francine Rena Fried   

    Columbia was recovering from a devastating break-up.

    Her therapist was helping her to start over from “ground zero.”

    Lauren was a local musician who was going thru a break-up with her boyfriend of five years.

    Would Columbia be able to move on after years of grief? She was fighting depression and loneliness.

    Fortunately, she meets […]

    Masquerade in Disguise

    By Sheila Denise Scott   

    Masquerade in Disguise is a SINsational story of a young woman on the road to sexual discovery. It’s Erotica that heightens your senses and delights your primitive and animalistic pleasures while Margarete learns more than just her sexual likes and dislikes, she learns about love, life and blackmail.


    Shiela Scott brilliantly captures the sexual […]

    Love in the Morning Mist

    By Lauren Marie   

    Matt Hager was in the Army, injured in Afghanistan and spent several months in the VA hospital where they threatened to amputate his leg. After being discharged from his service, he got up in the middle of the night and hitchhiked home to Canon City, Colorado.

    Alison Reynolds spent a year living in fear and […]

    Amber’s Inn

    By Francine Rena Fried   

    Written with a poet’s voice, Francine Rena Fried’s newest book.

    In a world full of drifters, drug addicts, dislocated and displaced souls,

    Amber and Sophia find each other. The road together is paved with difficult obstacles.

    Amber is emotionally numb and Sophia is recovering from domestic violence.

    They work together in a Strip Club on […]

    The Untold: Stories From World War II

    By D.W. Saur   

    What if the villain isn’t who you think he was? What if you are called to risk it all by going behind enemy lines? What if your skills require you to take another’s life?

    The Untold: Stories from World War II is a historical fiction novella divided between three stories that address these questions with […]


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