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    My Pleasure My Way

    By Joyce McCarthy   

    Debbie decides to move on from her toxic marriage with Rob, who has no respect for her physical and emotional needs. As she finds love and sexual gratification with Connor, a dashing millionaire, it is time for her to give back to Rob all the humiliation she has been subjected to all these […]

    My Bodyguard

    By Angel Ray   

    After receiving death threats, popular singer Lydia Swanson hires hunky bodyguard Brock Peters to protect her.

    Trail of Compassion

    By Jeannine Fosca   

    A celebration of living with HIV/AIDS for over thirty years, Jeannine Fosca vulnerably reflects on her life, and with a rawness, reveals moments that provided her with opportunities for self-acceptance and growth.

    Whether feeling and appreciating the sensations of existence in her world, making choices that led down a path of lessons, or forging forward […]

    The Present Problem

    By Julie Kavanagh   

    Ellie has come home to spent the festive holiday with her family and, while she’s always pleased to see her family, she hasn’t told them the whole truth.

    After quitting dramatically from her job and spending her last few pennies on fuel to get home, she’s completely penniless and it’s […]

    Mistletoe and the Movie Star

    By Alice J Miller   

    Melissa Donaldson has a secret she keeps close to her chest. A secret that breaks her heart each and every time she thinks about it.

    Scott Bailey is an Oscar-winning actor and the darling of Hollywood. He too hides a secret, and it must never see the light of day.

    Christmas is coming fast when […]


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