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How Scarlett Found Her Merry Christmas

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Christmas is not Scarlett Greene’s favorite holiday. Ironically, her career as event coordinator at a resort in the Columbia River Gorge means creating fabulous parties to celebrate it along with weddings and other festive occasions. It’s testament to her skill that she gets the work done with no one the wiser about her feelings regarding Christmas. But when a blind date turns into something wonderful, she decides things could be changing. He could be the reason she finally has a Merry Christmas.

Tyler Harrison is infatuated with the beautiful event planner from the first time he sees her at his sister’s wedding. When he learns of her disdain for Christmas, he decides he’s going to help her regain her holiday cheer. First up, working with her to plan a huge party for his law firm. But before he has a chance to show her how much fun Christmas can be, things fall apart.

When she thinks Tyler has complained to her boss about her work, Scarlett hands over the big event he helped her plan to another staff member. That might get him out of her professional life but not out of her thoughts or dreams. Now, with Christmas right around the corner, she wonders if she’ll ever get over the tall handsome man who wanted to spend the holiday with her.

A storm comes up on the night of Tyler’s party, trapping Scarlett in her car by the side of the road when she tries to sneak into the event to get one last look at him. Can Tyler rescue her from the snowstorm and the turmoil in her heart and give her the Christmas she deserves or will Old Man Winter win out over happily-ever-after?