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Before The Snow Melts (Christmas Cottage Anthology Book 3)

Christmas Cottage Anthology Book 3

By Julie Kavanagh   

Beth lives in an isolated run-down cottage when Lucas appears at her door in the middle of a winter snowstorm. It’s nearly Christmas and he needs to get home to propose to his girlfriend at a Christmas Eve party but his car has broken down at the end of the lane.

Beth is secretly pleased to have company at this special time of year and doesn’t fully understand his urgent need to get home. Lucas feels drawn to the enigmatic Beth, and wonders at the secrets she is hiding, but meeting the straightforward woman puts Lucas’ life into stark contrast and he begins to see a way to unravel the burdens of his life in the city. Could it be that easy?

Things come to a head when Beth’s past walks back into her life, and she only has Lucas to help but he’s more worried about finding a way to get home. Will he understand her cryptic messages or will he abandon her to the fate waiting in the old cottage for her.

A tall, handsome stranger, danger from the past and a roaring snowstorm – what more could you want for Christmas?