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The Decoys

By Margarita Felices   

Two Welsh girls on holiday.
Two handsome jewel thieves.
What could go wrong?

Bethan and Deborah decide to spend their redundancy money and jet off for a holiday in the South of France, where they meet Dani and Matt, two handsome Ukrainian men who are being hunted by the police. They have stolen a very valuable necklace from a Saudi Prince who happens to be a good friend of the President. With every escape route being watched, the men hatch a plan to seduce both women and then have them take the necklace they have stolen out of the country. Their plan seems flawless. There was just one small detail the men knew nothing about. Just after the girls arrived in Monte Carlo, they’d decided to make up new identities and a new life, they are now Helena and Lucinda – just for the holidays – because it would be fun.

Detective LaChay and his partner Ray are on the robbery case. LaChay is a desperate man. He is divorced with two wives and has four children to support and is constantly being harassed by the ex’s. On top of that he’s managed to accumulate a gambling debt and he feels trapped and undervalued. One day he receives a phone call. It’s from a Russian mobster who threatens his family if he doesn’t sabotage the case he’s on. Ray suspects something is going on and confronts LaChay who tells him everything. But LaChay doesn’t want this Russian to win so they devise a plan that will look as though they are looking at wrong leads, but in fact they are one step behind catching the thieves.

On the last night Dani gives Helena the necklace and a few loose diamonds in a bag. She thinks they are just cheap trinkets, she doesn’t know they are worth millions. But she hates the necklace – where would she wear such an ugly thing? Just before they all leave for the airport, Helena sneaks the necklace back into Dani’s travel bag and they all leave for the airport.

After a brief goodbye, they part ways. Dani and Matt are smug and laugh at the stupid girls that are ferrying an important necklace out of the country for them.

Until the men have to pass through Customs.