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You’re So Vain

Oakville Romances

By Alison Jean Ash   

Liz Archer dislikes big-city lawyer Trent Callahan on sight. Not only does he remind her of her two-timing ex-husband, he never seems to stop bragging: about his skills, his money, even his cooking. She calls him Mr. Arrogant.

A successful commercial banker, Liz is attractive, warm-hearted and single, but wants nothing to do with romance. Occasional friends with benefits, okay—she’s not made of stone. But she’s determined never to fall in love, especially not with the dangerously handsome Trent!

However, Trent doesn’t seem to be getting the message, and her growing affection for his two sad-eyed kids doesn’t make it any easier to keep him at a distance. Then Liz must face an accusation that could destroy her career and even send her to prison, and she just might have to turn to Mr. Arrogant for help.

Suspenseful, humorous and heart-warming, peopled with believable friends, neighbors and small-time villains, You’re So Vain is set in Oakville, a modern American small town where people still know their neighbors, friendships last a lifetime, and gossip is a force of nature.