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All Aboard

By Samna Ghani   

Violet Osborne, a successful lawyer and workaholic, had given up all hope of ever finding a man she could love and trust. Things change dramatically for her when she decides to go on a dream vacation to Europe. Her idealist romantic notions had made her believe that the right type of man did not exist … until she met the wrong type…. Or so she thought. 

Reed Kendall, a handsome and dashing playboy never thought he would feel the need to settle down. Wealth and women came easy to him. His work was all he was really passionate about until he meets Violet. Seducing women had never been much of a challenge for him and he didn’t expect it to be any different with Violet… or so he thought. 

Sparks fly as Reed and Violet try to resist each other… but some people are just too hard to resist.