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Amy’s Christmas Casserole: Sweet Christmas Romances 2017

Sweet Christmas Romances 2017

By Tammy Tate   

After being attacked in the parking lot of her San Antonio apartment complex, Amy fears all men. One day she stumbles upon Sawyer Creek. Using all her savings, she buys a small house and café and her Chicken Dorito Casserole becomes an all-time favorite among the community. After four years, the nightmares have stopped, but the panic attacks haven’t.

Christmas is four weeks off when the Sheriff calls saying a shovel hit the backdoor of her café, setting off the alarm. Amy enters from the alley to bring it in and when she goes to leave an ex-Navy Seal is blocking the doorway framed by the fog. Vowing to never be a victim twice, she arms herself with the shovel only to learn that he’s been shot.

Can she help him despite her fear of men?