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An Oakville Family Christmas Series

An Oakville Family Christmas Series

By Alison Jean Ash   Carol Ann Kauffman   

An Oakville Family Christmas.
Curl up with these stories in front of a warm fire to find some new Christmas memories to love.

I Love Christmas – Giulietta M. Spudich
Gail, an overworked, single mom, is so used to taking care of everyone else that she forgets to look after herself. When love comes knocking at her door, she feels unready for the complication of romance. Her teenage daughter Raven steps in, hoping for the best for her mom, though her meddling seems to make matters worse … until the Curry family shows Gail that love can be a help, not a burden.

I Need Christmas – Carol Ann Kauffman
Betsy Curry returns home for the holidays a sad and bitter woman, dumped by her husband for a stripper he met at a bachelor party. Swinging from vengeful hostility to total numbness, Betsy discovers she doesn’t like herself anymore and doesn’t know what to do about it. She needs her family’s help to heal and move on.

Home for Christmas – Alison Jean Ash
Harry and Sophie, growing up, were more than just next door neighbors. Even after college and work took them in different directions, they’ve always been family,. Now they’re both home for Christmas, each at age 29 facing a major turning point in life—and suddenly everything changes between them. As they face Sophie’s mother’s illness, and struggle with their new and not so brotherly-sisterly feelings toward each other, the big warm-hearted Curry family surrounds them both with food, laughter, song, and tradition.