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Christmas Connections

Christmas Reflections Book 2

By Beth Wilson   

Ellis took a job in Denver in February, and her husband, Garrett, refused to make the move from Oklahoma City with her. When Ellis returns to her mom’s house for Christmas, she hopes to banish the good memories she made there with Garrett and start to move on.

Her mom and step-dad plan to help her along by pushing her together with his much younger brother, Levi, who also recently went through a divorce. When they go out, she sees Garrett, and her anger and hurt from the divorce feels fresh again. Levi commiserates with her, and the two find a connection through their similar situation.

Ellis’s younger sister Fiona has a secret crush on Levi, and seeing him connect with her sister makes her wish Garrett hadn’t been so stupid. She isn’t ready to give up on her crush so easily, and the jealousy she feels sparks a reaction that has the potential to ruin the holiday for them all.