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Christmas in the Country

By Marilyn Conner Miles   

Three down-home sweet Christmas romances to warm your heart.

Holiday Heart – Marilyn Conner Miles
Christmas. It’s that time of the year again again and Brenda is alone, as usual. Everyone she knows is paired up except her. And now, she has to go to a wedding and pretend to be happy.
But, even worse, her ex-boyfriend will be there. It’s been six years since they broke up and she hasn’t seen or heard from him since. How will she handle seeing him again—especially if he has another woman on his arm?

Cowshed Christmas – Lexie Stewart
Ben and Rebecca’s marriage is in trouble.
They hope a family vacation at a country resort will mend the rift in their relationship.What they don’t need is for their car to breakdown on Christmas eve in the middle of nowhere but that’s exactly what happens.
They’re determined to make Christmas special for their kids so they decide to work together to turn a crumbling cowshed into a Christmas wonderland.If they can achieve that then anything’s possible.
They might even find their way back to each other.

Christmas in the Comstock – Jennifer Chambers
Cait Adcock is a pampered San Francisco girl whose brilliant entrepreneur father goes missing and is presumed dead in a mine collapse in late December 1895.
She travels to Virginia City to find him, and get back the family fortune that her father lost in a stock swindle.
Can she find her father, meet her father’s delectable partner Thomas, and outsmart the villain who’s following them before Christmas?