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Christmas Eve on Summer Street (Holidays on Summer Street)

Holidays on Summer Street

By Julie Kavanagh   

It’s close to the Christmas Holidays where everyone is gearing up for the festivities when a stranger arrives in town with his young daughter.


Harry Grant hopes that no one will recognise him in this small town but he starts to get suspicious of the pretty girl in the coffee shop who seems to have taken a shine to his daughter, Molly.

Hollie notices the furtive way Harry tries to remain inconspicuous but it’s the sort of town where everyone knows everyone and a good-looking man will always bring attention to himself. She offers a warm welcome to him and little Molly and can’t understand why he rebukes her kindness.

Harry has his own problems which seem to have followed him even here in the middle of nowhere. Despite his fame, he wants nothing more than to spend a Merry Christmas with his daughter, but the actions of two unconnected women threaten his well-being.

His ex-wife, the selfish, inconsiderate bane of this life tracks him down and demands she should have full-custody of young Molly, threatening him unless he hands her over.

Hollie, pretty and kind, loves the little girl and has unexpectedly fallen in love with Harry. He has promised himself never to get involved with another beautiful lady, but Hollie is too pretty to ignore.

Can Harry trust his heart to another pretty woman?

Will the townsfolk rally around their newest arrival and help Harry keep his daughter?

Will there be a very Merry Christmas in Summer Street?