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Christmas Interrupted Series

By Judy Moore   

3 holiday stories by one of your favorite Christmas authors, Judy Moore.

Airport Christmas
Getting snowed in on an airport layover during Christmas would be a terrible experience for most people. But for thirteen-year- old Jack, twelve-year- old Ethan, and eleven-year- old Lily, it’s the adventure of a lifetime. Traveling by themselves from their mother’s house in San Diego to their father’s in Florida, the kids learn to fend for themselves as well as bring some Christmas cheer – and even love – to other stranded passengers.

The Holiday House Sitter
A recent graduate of UCLA, Molly McAlister has just landed her first job and loves it. The problem is her demanding boss, who seems to think he’s in charge of her free time too. Under threat of layoff, her boss manipulates her into giving up Christmas with her family in Florida to pet-sit his two beloved purebred poodles.
When Molly arrives at his house in Santa Monica a few days before Christmas, she learns she must also watch two ill-tempered Rottweilers, Darth and Vader, who scare her to death. His hypercritical wife seems to think Molly is a maid too, and leaves her a long list of chores and rules. Molly’s expecting to have a miserable Christmas, but things start to look up when she meets the boy next door and his family. Unfortunately, they’re embroiled in a neighborhood feud with her boss.

The Hitchhiker on Christmas Eve
It’s Christmas Eve, and Renee is a mess. She has barely slept or eaten for two weeks. Her hair is ratted, her eyes are puffy and bloodshot, and her clothes are filthy. In the throngs of an anxiety attack, she decides to commit suicide by jumping off a nearby bridge, though the thought of it terrifies her. As she drives toward the bridge through the Virginia countryside, she considers driving into an oncoming cement truck. But at the last moment, she can’t do it. Then, she sees a dark, foreboding man hitchhiking. On a whim, she stops and picks him up. What does it matter anyway? But she immediately regrets her decision. Who is the intimidating, tattooed hitchhiker – and what are his plans for her?