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Christmas Locket Anthology

Christmas Locket Anthology

By Joyce McCarthy   Laura Strickland   Lexie Stewart   

A Promise Kept by Laura Strickland
Just because she’ll be alone this Christmas, is no reason for Beth Manning to feel sorry for herself. A busy nurse with plenty of friends, she knows she can keep occupied and have a good holiday. But when a tiny package containing an antique locket arrives, she tumbles into a century-old mystery. Is it intended for her, or for a relation of the same name, who lived four generations ago? Why does the image of the young soldier, inside, tug so hard at her heartstrings?
When Tommy Rafferty accompanies his injured friend to the hospital, he’s not thinking about romance. Yet as soon as he meets nurse Beth, his heart gets its own ideas. He’s sure he wants to see her again. But what a strange coincidence, that the tiny package he found and mailed just days ago, while cleaning out a relative’s property should have been addressed to this woman he’s just met. And what about the dreams of past battles he’s been having, that hint at promises and sacrifice?
Is it possible for two lovers parted a century ago to be reunited in time for Christmas? In the blossoming of a new love, will an old promise be kept?

Locket of Love by Lexie Stewart
When Mary sees a beautiful locket in a shop window, she knows she has to have it. Somehow, it’s the key to turning her life around.
Mary’s in New York City for Christmas for two reasons. One is to have Christmas dinner with her family. The second reason is that she wants to do some sightseeing and soul searching while she figures out what to do with her life after ending a toxic relationship.
NYC is beautiful with all the displays in shop windows and carols in the air, but for Mary, it is a time of turmoil as she battles her inner demons and struggles to find herself.
The voice of her abusive ex is always in her head, putting her down while all the while her parents who think her ex is a wonderful, kind man keep pushing Mary to get back together with him. Getting her bag snatched while window shopping doesn’t help matters either.
But then, Mary meets Mike. Mike is big and bold, a gentle giant who seems to be quite taken with Mary. But Mary’s lost her confidence and despite her spirit and determination, her efforts to fix her life don’t find any traction.
Will the magic of Christmas in NYC help Mary find happiness, or will it take the combined efforts of a junk shop, a gentle giant and a golden locket?

The Heirloom by Joyce McCarthy
After his bitter break-up with girlfriend Erica, Kevin heads for his ancestral house in the Isle of Skye to get over his grief and to finish the novel he is working on. He meets Bobby, a child who has strayed into the house and spends his nights in the dusty, dark attic, scavenging through old books and toys that once belonged to Kevin and his cousins. Kevin finds the family heirloom, a Christmas locket, and his uncle’s diary, which chronicles a heart-warming love story unfolding in that house. What life-changing family secret does Kevin uncover?