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Christmas Treasures

By Alison Jean Ash   Beth Wilson   

Christmas women’s fiction collection from three of your favorite authors.

Comfort and Joy – Alison Jean Ash

“Star light, star bright…”

Unsettled by his ex-lover’s wedding, Sid wishes on a star, for joy. Could lanky orange-haired Melody, newly divorced from a controlling husband, be the answer to his wish?

Can a never-married, 40-year-old yoga teacher with a very simple lifestyle find happiness with a woman who fills her home with rescue animals and riotous color? And what exactly is causing Sid to panic?

Christmas Connections – Beth Wilson

Ellis visits her mom’s house for the Christmas holiday planning to move past the painful memories of her divorce. She finds she has a lot in common with her step-dad’s younger brother, whose wife recently left him.

Ellis’s younger sister Fiona is jealous, and does her best to find ways to come between them.

Santa’s Answer – Daralyse Lyons

Alison Taylor’s life centers around her daughter. And that’s okay with her. Really. The busy single mother doesn’t have time for a social life.

She’s too busy playing both mother and father to her six year old daughter, Tia. She doesn’t have time to date. Besides, the idea of winding up with someone like her ex-husband again keeps her from wanting to put herself back on the market.

She’s happy with her busy, single, uncomplicated life. So how come everyone around her seems to think she’s missing out something?