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Clearwater Miracle


Growing up, Maggie Voss had less than a stellar family life. She managed to survive NYC’s foster-care system only to wind up with ambivalent, elderly, adoptive parents that seemingly adopted her as a care provider. Now she’s free to begin her life anew, far away from the noisy, bustling city. The quiet quaint town of Clearwater, Oklahoma seems like the perfect spot. Maggie’s simple plan to start over is thwarted when a natural disaster destroys her new home and traps her inside dangerously close to death. Now, her struggle to survive has her realizing that in order to survive she’s going to have to put her trust in a man she’s never met.
After losing his sister to cancer, Sheriff Nash hasn’t been the same. Joy has been sucked from his life and while his town adores him, he spends most of his time growling at everyone. When tragedy strikes his little town, Nash is on a mission to save a newcomer when the rescue crews are tied up. In the process, he might just save more than Maggie. He might save himself.