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Crooked Books

The Christmas Mystery Anthology

By Lexie Stewart   

Steve is a hunky nerd.
Gabby is a flirty librarian.
They’re both crazy about each other. Hooking up for a simple cup of coffee should be the easiest thing in the world for them but one thing or another keeps getting in the way.
Gabby always looks forward to the end of the week because every Friday at exactly four pm Steve comes in to the library Gabby works at to return and borrow books.
Steve looks like an Olympic athlete but is shy and is known to use words like ‘doofus’.
He’s also so bad at flirting that Gabby can’t tell if he’s actually interested in her or not.
She knows that she likes him. She wants to be a grown up and invite him to have coffee with her but sometimes being a grown up is hard and Gabby’s just not feeling at her most confident right now.
Death and rejection has resulted in Gabby having no family to spend he festive season with and her Christmas blues are getting her down. Add to that a vivacious teenage girl who has also taken a shine to Steve and isn’t afraid to put up a fight for him. And then there’s the strange mystery going on upstairs in the graphic novel section. Macramé books keep turning up where they shouldn’t, hidden between the pages of other books, week after week with no explanation Gabby can think of.
Steve has his own problems. He’s head over heels for the librarian but when he tries to be funny or flirtatious or witty it all comes out wrong.
He’s been keeping a few secrets of his own. He had a nerdy passion for comics that he’s determined to hide from Gabby and instead tries to impress her with a borrow list full or classics, recommendations and popular literature.
He’s also been avoiding mentioning his job, that is until what shy, hunky Steve does for a living might end up saving lives when a gunman abruptly enters the scene.