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Crystal Clear

The Jewel Series-2


Feisty Special Ops Agent Cindy Hawke scrambles to the Pacific Northwest to recover critical intel from a fallen spy satellite, but she’s too late. An international terrorist group has gotten there first,
and now the fate of the world rests on Cindy’s ability to track the terrorists and destroy the data before it can be used.

Jack Wilde, ex-Navy Seal, and remote operative is called into duty when
the safety of the Nation is at risk. But when Jack comes head to head with
F.I.U.W. operative Cindy Hawke, who is determined to solve the case on her own, sparks fly. Jack has orders, and he’s not about to let the little spitfire get in his way.

Passions ignite as Cindy and Jack race against time to stop terrorists from
accessing intel that will endanger their lives and put their country at risk.