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Dublin’s Contorted Sizzle


Ireland’s Katie Mountshannon shares a tale of erotic romance and adventure.

When American, Alessandra Barnes, returns to Dublin as a tourist, she has a most improbable introduction to a gorgeous, accomplished and daunting man, Fionn O’Malley.

Inexperienced in matters of love, she discovers her vulnerability for their uncommon attraction. Incapable of ignoring Alessandra’s shy allure, smarts and self-reliance, Fionn confesses his desire for her. He invites her to birth his dark fantasies.

She never imagined such a passionate kiss on a forgotten alleyway would be a life changer. His bold fantasies match those lurking in the unlit corridors of her own mind.

Can Alessandra stomach the brash motives of the successful, take charge, bad-boy, she’s wished for? Embracing her connection with the Dubliner, she learns more about herself in twenty four hours, than she has, her whole life.

A hilarious mix of satisfying sexual desire and a deep connection, Dublin’s Contorted Zizzle, will change you, arouse you and interrupt your sleep forever.