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East of Manhattan

By Amanda Johnson   

Julie and Scott Cutter made a deal: 2 years. Scott will spend 2 years working as a butler for a rich reality TV star and then they will start the family Julie has always dreamed of. This makes total sense according to Julie’s life plan.

This situation was all well and good until Julie learns that, at 35, she is approaching pre-natal geriatric status. Julie never considered herself old, but biology says different. For the first time her plan is in question. She debates if she should cough up the money to freeze her eggs, as her doctor suggests, or start trying to get pregnant earlier than expected. This is complicated by the fact that her husband lives in the basement of his celebrity boss’s Manhattan mansion instead of with her, across the East River in Queens. Oh, and Scott casually announces over brunch one morning he doesn’t want kids anymore. 

Convinced spending an idyllic Fourth of July weekend in the Hamptons will change his mind, Julie saddles up on the back of Scott’s motorcycle for the holiday festivities. A chance confrontation between Scott’s celebrity boss in the Hamptons confirms her worst nightmare, but also leaves her with a glimmer of hope. She returns to the city confused, alone and with a really great idea that might just be the beginning of a new future.