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Eternal Blue, Forever Green: The Sounders in the 70’s

By Adrian Webster   

The Sounders in the 70’s. Over forty years ago, the team that put down the roots for the MLS team which stands today. Hear the history from the Sounder’s team captain, referred to as The Shadow, Adrian Webster.

Adrian Webster brought a great work ethic and passionate play to the NASL Sounders. Those were the days of playing at Memorial Stadium before sell-out crowds of 17,000 who literally hung over the field on those steeply-graded stands while hanging on every kick from the home side. It seems like a lifetime away, yet the memories are still fresh. Webster and his mates doing the impossible in 1977, a season that seemed to flat line but then turned into the Sounders’ first deep playoff run. 58,000 fans cheering as Jocky Scott headed home the winner and Adrian’s club defeated the LA Aztecs and George Best. Then came the big day, an event which all true Sounders fans set their spiritual clocks by. Soccer Bowl ’77 and Pele’s last match, the league final against Webster’s Sounders.
GoalWa – David Falk

The MLS home opener display, also known as TOHBL (Tonight Our History Becomes Legend) carried multiple messages, including the statement that we were bringing a proud history into a new league where we would continue to our legacy of winning. Additionally, it set the stage for our presence in the league by reminding some of the MLS people back in the New York offices that did not, initially, want the Seattle MLS team named as such, and to respect our history. We have also done displays honoring past players and coaches, such as the Decades of Dominance display and the 40th Anniversary “Book Shelf” display.Going forward, ECS will continue to let everyone know that the Seattle Sounders have been a very important part of many people›s lives for more than 40 years – not just in the Puget Sound area, but all over the world.
Sean McConnell and Eric G. – Head Capos in the Emerald City Supporters (ECS)