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Forbidden Kin


New Historical Romance from best-selling author, T.M. Hobbs.,

Faithston Billows finds she is alone after the death of her father. Through the kind mercies of her uncle, Marston Wilmouth, Miss Billows is given a home in Profdin, at his estate known as Thrushright, however, upon her arrival; she learns that her uncle died two weeks earlier, but her fears of not having a home are laid to rest, and she is welcomed at Thrushright.

Faithston is faced with many trials of the heart, however, as she finds herself at the center of the desires of others including Alden Winthrop, the young, and very handsome, head of her uncle’s estate, Marian, the lady’s maid, given the task of seeing to her every need, and James Croston, the older, distinguished neighbor and longtime friend of Mr. Wilmouth.

Although Faithston has chosen to love only one, she feels that this love is forbidden to her because of the nearness of kin. Therefore, she seeks to satisfy her heart, settling for someone whom she hopes she can learn to love in time.

Forbidden Kin is a sensual tale of forbidden love, half-truths, and slight deception which unfolds as Alden uncovers the bequeathal in Marston’s last will and testament. The conditions, however, must be adhered to implicitly.

Alden encourages Faithston to follow through with the plan he has conjured up for her future, even if she finds the deception distasteful.

Follow Miss Billows through these obstacles and triumphs which will forever change her life.