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Guilt Trip

By Talia James   

Isabell Laurence is determined not to make the same mistakes as her mother, who goes from one bad relationship to another, with a succession of dead-beat boyfriends looking for easy sex. In fact she’s so determined, that she convinces herself her relationship with her boyfriend Martin is perfect.

Martin doesn’t believe in sex before marriage and is the answer to Isa’s prayers; successful, steady and true to his word; he’s made no attempt to get into her knickers. But six months down the line there’s still no ring and Isa’s starting to question if there’s something wrong with her.

Looking for reassurance on a drunken girl’s night out, Isa confides her fears and insecurities to the sexy nightclub owner, and she finds herself riding him in a back alley, like the star turn in some bucking bronco rodeo sideshow.

Wracked with guilt and self-disgust, when Martin proposes, she’d determined to spend the rest of their lives making it up to him.

But karma’s a bitch, and during a family get-together to celebrate Martin’s grandmother’s birthday, Isa is mortified to find her back alley bucking bronco is none other than her fiancé’s cousin and childhood blood-brother, Nick.

Nick is stunned to find his cousin engaged to the girl he’s been searching for since their one-night stand. But now she’s engaged to his cousin, he tries telling himself, she’s completely off limits.

Isn’t she?