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The Innocence of OJ: What if He Wasn’t Guilty?

By Eleonora de Lennart   

The story that has not been told.

What if OJ wasn’t guilty? Why is Faye Resnick pointing to O.J. as the only murderer again and again, to such an extent that it becomes obvious she is seeking to incriminate O.J. to divert attention from something much larger that must be involved in this tragedy?” Especially because O.J. was already in jail with nobody believing his pleas of innocence anyway, so what would she have to fear?

Eleonora De Lennart, Ph.D. acclaimed researcher, and bestselling author did the unthinkable in the frame of her groundbreaking research—as part of the “Trilogy of Politics”— she used OJ Simpson as an example for her research. Not because he is black but because he is insecure.

She creates a scientifically sound and thrilling book that even gives a fascinating new insight into the OJ Simpson drama