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J R Stringer Anthology


J R Stringer’s newly published anthology for 2013 brings three short stories together in one edition. These carefully chosen texts are deep, dramatic and dark. New story ‘Really Living’ makes this anthology an essential purchase.

One Night Stand Off –
Everyone just needs encouragement . . .
An otherwise ball-achingly boring work conference turns excruciatingly erotic as our protagonist meets Kayleigh in room 201.

Here, twilight passion meets late night moral clarity as the drums of inevitability, the chords of passion, the notes of mutual admiration and the crescendo of throbbing sexual tension resound through the night.

But it soon becomes clear that sometimes, one can care too much . . .

Stag Do Hullabaloo –
Isn’t this what you’re supposed to do on your stag do?
Julian is in the midst of rubbing his face against a voluptuous bosom, until his best man is on the brink of death, and has one last request. Problem is, Julian doesn’t want to grant it.

In the midst of the painfully orange waiting room chairs, drunken Julian faces the very sobering dilemma of; what is his priority now?

Really Living –
What is love? When does a heel become a wedge? What is ‘really living’?
Fundamental questions are posed on a rainy office lunchtime; and as the exhilaration, the elation and the electricity draws you in, the answers become so searching, secretive, profound and poetic, that lunchtime, or living, may never be the same again.

Readers who liked ‘One Night Stand Off’ and ‘Stag Do Hullabaloo’ will enjoy this cryptic and captivating next instalment from J R Stringer.