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Just Friends

By D.W. Saur   

The Fantastic Four leaped out of the pages of the comics and straight into suburbia. Justin, Jill, Sam, and Amanda were born in the same year, lived on the same street, and were inseparable during their early childhood. The bond they shared became tested in middle school when Amanda started to drift from the group. By the time they entered high school Amanda was rarely seen with her childhood friends.

Throughout high school Sam was officially placed in Amanda’s friend zone and only spoke to him when she needed a shoulder to cry on. No matter how badly he was treated Sam clung on to the hope of a relationship but that all change after being stood up as her date for senior prom. Sam was finally tired of just being Amanda’s friend so he severed ties and moved on to college. There he meets Jennifer and the two begin making the type of memories Sam once wished he could have shared with Amanda. During Sam’s freshman year Amanda kept her distance and they went over a year without communication of any kind. No DMs, no texts, and no calls were made by either of them.

This all suddenly ends when Amanda comes knocking on Sam’s dorm expecting to have his comforting ear once more. However, Amanda discovers Sam has more than just a girlfriend. Sam has been holding on to a secret that will forever change their friendship.