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Leaning to Trust Again

By Alice J Miller   

Emma and Jared click the instant they meet, but both come with baggage that weighs them down and makes contemplating a new romantic attachment difficult.  

The instantaneous attraction between them evolves into something deeper, but they face stiff opposition from Lauren, Jared’s ex-fiancée, who is working to her own selfish agenda, 

For Emma facing life with a disability, caused by her ex-boyfriend Daniel, has taught her how easily unforeseen danger can occur, while Jared still harbours anger at Lauren for using him and ruining his dreams. His bitterness worsens when she reappears in his life seeking help, and behind his back slips toxic lies into his relationship with Emma.  

Working through their own traumatic pasts makes them both realise they have to move forward into the future with hope and a fresh perspective, even if it makes them vulnerable.  

Can Emma and Jared find the courage and strength to ignore old wounds and believe in each other, and together trust and commit to the love they both feel?