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Love Again

By Angela Ford   

Madi Wilson’s life had been perfect. Or so she thought. After thirty-five years, her husband left her for a younger version of her. Her husband Dr. Nick Wilson, head of Cardiology, saved hearts but crushed his wife’s. Madi devoted her life to being a loving mother and wife. Her only other passion, chairing the hospital foundation, ended with the divorce. Now she’s alone in a big home with no one to love. An opportunity to give her time and love at the Emily Van De Walle no-kill animal shelter leads her to ‘D’ – a Puggle in need of love and a home.

Dr. Noah Felton accepted an offer to teach at Iowa State University after his wife of thirty years left him. He believed the move to Cedar Grove would give him purpose again and fill the lonely days. He meets a fellow colleague who introduces him to the Emily Van De Walle no-kill animal shelter, and Madi.

As Noah and Madi work together on a project for the shelter, they discover it is never wrong to love again. You just have to love the wrong person first.