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Love Potion Number Nine: Love Potion Anthology

Love Potion Christmas Story

By Julie Kavanagh   

Ellie thinks she’s past being jilted but in the four years since she hasn’t dated a soul. Now, Shelley, her best friend convinces her into buying a mysterious love potion which promises to change her life, but she attracts the wrong sort of attention including the man who broke her heart.

Josh, a man with all the quantities she’s been looking for, appears but with her heart still bruised, she becomes convinced he is following her. When he turns up at her home, she threatens him with the police, but will his connections to her sister’s fiancé compromise her reputation?

Upon meeting Josh, she is left dumbfounded by his good looks but is he the man destined to be her one and only?
‘He had the coolest gray eyes I’d ever seen, surrounded by thick lashes and dark eyebrows. His black hair fell messily around his gorgeous face, partially concealing the deep-set frown creasing his brow. He looked angry, defiant and adorable all at the same time.’

Can she learn to love again, or will her past forever doom her future?