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Love on Willow Creek (The Ranch Collection Book 1)

Book 1


Spurned by the boy she loved in high school, Bridget Lawson fled Willow Creek the day after graduation to search for fame on the rodeo circuit. She won purse after purse, but used whisky and casual sex to deaden the pain in her heart. Eight years later, she’s a recovering alcoholic and returns to Willow Creek to try to rebuild her life. She buys a small ranch, determined to open a barrel racing school. All she needs is a loan to build an arena to attract the wealthier residents with their small ranchettes and young, horse-crazy daughters.

Recently divorced from Lucy Savoy, Tom Browdy has delayed his dream of raising world-class quarter horses to run his father’s bank. When Bridget walks into his small-town bank to ask for a loan, her spark re-lights his passion for his vision—and for the woman he once loved and betrayed. Will she be able to forgive him for being young and stupid?

Bridget resists when Tom begins to court her, afraid he’ll find out about her past. Lucy hasn’t given up on Tom, and will do whatever it takes to get him back. Will they be overcome the pain of their past to create a future in a small Montana town on the edge of the Rocky Mountains? Or will Lucy’s plot to get Tom back ruin Bridget’s business and her chance to reunite with her high school love?