Maddie Stone Reveals All

By Margarita Felices   

Maddie Stone has stayed silent for 30 years after signing a brutal Non-Disclosure Agreement. But time is up on that now and she’s ready to tell it all. In her younger days Maddie toured with some of the biggest names in rock and metal music, she was even photographed in magazines alongside them. She’s had a great life and the tales she can tell will name names and punish those who thought abuse was part of the perks! She started at 18 and she’s worked her way up the ranks to become one of the most sought after girls you could ever want to have keep you company backstage. Back in those days these women were called Backstage Personnel, these days, they’re groupies. But rockers loved her and you will too.

Fran Bishop’s ambition was to write a best-selling book. She joined a company that had both a book publishing side and also a magazine side. She landed a reporter job there just to get a foot in the door, but after ten years, that ambition had left her and she took on every assignment her Editor would send her on. Then one day her editor called her into her office and told her that she was being sent to write Maddie’s story. It wasn’t the assignment of her dreams but after persuasion, she agreed. 

Fran was surprised at how straight and down to earth Maddie was. Not the rock chick that she’d heard or be led to believe. And after a rocky start she actually began to enjoy some of the very graphic sexual stories and surprisingly found that she’d started to like Maddie too. 

Just what is Maddie’s story? And what is her 30 year old secret?  Maddie Stone Reveals All, come and read about a life we never really knew existed.