Masquerade in Disguise

By Sheila Denise Scott   

Masquerade in Disguise  is a SINsational story of a young woman on the road to sexual discovery. It’s Erotica that heightens your senses and delights your primitive and animalistic pleasures while Margarete learns more than just her sexual likes and dislikes, she learns about love, life and blackmail.


Shiela Scott brilliantly captures the sexual experiences of Margarete that  entices and seduces the reader.  A must for Erotica fans.


Melissa Flores

Masquerade in Disguise is a steamy treat for the modern, sensual reader! Shiela embraces feminine sexual liberation and allows the opportunity for every wonderous experience to be enjoyed. All the while, she addresses the tension of mixing short term desires with long term desires, and past experiences with exciting futures.  This book is captivating from beginning to end; filled with tantalizing encounters and blissful intrigue.

-Mia Savant,

Creator of Ponder Savant