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Mirrors In Time Series

Mirrors In Time Series

By Alison Jean Ash   Angela Ford   Samna Ghani   

Mirrors of Time tells the story of Emma, Maggie, Jaye, Zoe and Juliet. Before Emma gets married, she and her friends decide to visit Salar de Uyuni. The world’s largest natural mirrors are not just breathtakingly beautiful, they’re also magic. All five women end up traveling back in time to different destinations, journeys that change their perspectives about life, love and the things that truly matter. Five fascinating characters. Five exciting plots. Five compelling romances.

Mirror of Love – Samna Ghani
Emma Miller is getting married in a month to a nice and handsome man. She is not overly excited about the wedding but believes it’s time she settled down. But before she does that, she decides to visit Salar de Uyuni with her four friends Maggie, Jaye, Zoe and Juliet. Maggie feels Emma is running away from her feelings because she is really not ready for marriage. Emma dismisses her concerns but the Giant Mirrors of Salar end up changing the course of her life forever.

Time to Love – Angela Ford
Maggie Collin’s best friend Emma wants to take a trip to Bolivia. When Emma goes missing, Maggie finds Amaru; a native with words that confuse her. The future is behind you and the past is ahead of you. She wakes in the home of Sir Heth Manning. Maggie can’t remember how she got there. He is the ultimate of tall, dark and handsome and she’s falling in love with an eighteenth century English man. Will she return to the life she knew? Or will the past become her future?

Timeless Honor – Amber Daulton
After Jaye Ramsey stumbled down a swirling vortex and woke up in Hawksatter, England, 1735, she found refuge in the arms of Lord Lucas Kenway. Accused of murdering his newly-wedded wife a decade earlier, the reclusive baron wanted Jaye on his own terms and refused to surrender his hardened heart.

Princess Zoe – Lexie Stewart
Zoe Messter is too busy to bother about romance. She’s a smart, cool, aloof fashionista. People think she’s heartless and sometimes Zoe does too. But she’s about to discover a whole new world when she goes on a trip to the Salar de Uyuni with her friends and slips back in time while exploring the phenomenal salt flats. Zoe isn’t heartless but it’s going to take an extraordinary adventure and an arrogant Prince of the Jacobean court to make her realize that love is definitely worth making time for.

Mountain Mirror – Alison Jean Ash
Juliet has hated herself for years for not being there to save her beloved Nick from dying in a hiking accident. Now she can travel back in time to that fatal day—but as a disembodied spirit, with only the power of her love to help her. As an invisible watcher, Juliet meets a side of Nick she never knew—and in her wild journey across time, she discovers who really is the love of her life—of her many lives.