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Mistletoe and the Movie Star

By Alice J Miller   

Melissa Donaldson has a secret she keeps close to her chest. A secret that breaks her heart each and every time she thinks about it.

Scott Bailey is an Oscar-winning actor and the darling of Hollywood. He too hides a secret, and it must never see the light of day.

Christmas is coming fast when Melissa and Scott meet by chance. The attraction is mutual and they slip into a loving relationship as naturally as kisses under the mistletoe. But is Lynn, Scott’s assistant, working to her own agenda to make a life with her boss?

Can the magic of Christmas continue when an unforeseen accident drives them apart?

Now Scott has to decide if he can push aside his fears and accept a new, unexpected path for his life.

For Melissa it’s a path she never felt worthy to tread again, but can she find the strength to walk it once more without Scott beside her?