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Mountain Mirrors

Mirrors of Time Book 5

By Alison Jean Ash   

An avid hiker, Juliet Croce married fellow hiker Nick Desimone—and lost him in a trail accident after only a year of marriage. She’s beaten herself up emotionally for the last three years for not being there with him, the man she knew was the love of her life. Now she has a chance to travel back in time to that fatal day, and try to save him. The hitch? Since she was already alive in that time, she can only be present as a disembodied spirit, with nothing more than the strength of her will and the power of her love to help her influence the course of events.

Juliet doesn’t foresee that as an invisible watcher, she may meet a side of Nick she never knew… and that in her wild journey back and forth across time, she may discover the man is who really is the love of her life—of her many lives.