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Murder In Vail

By Judy Moore   

Sally Braddock lives a serene lifestyle on top of a mountain in Vail, Colorado, with her Scandinavian housekeeper and her two Labradoodles. A widow who, like her husband, was a world class athlete, she swims, skis, paints watercolors, and helps out local charities. If you didn’t know her background, you’d never guess she was one of the country’s first female billionaires.

Her relaxed lifestyle changes drastically once a year when her three spoiled children – and worse their dreadful spouses – visit her and her money each Christmas. Her children live off their trust funds, and those funds are disappearing quickly. They fly in from Palm Beach, Los Angeles, and Scottsdale and spend most of the holidays bickering with each other and hitting up their mother for money.

But this year, Sally makes an announcement that sends her children into a tizzy, an announcement so extreme that it pushes someone in the house to murder. The storm inside the house is matched by a raging blizzard outside, and the family finds themselves snowbound with a killer.