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My Pirate Lover


When Josephine takes her niece whale watching she has no idea what she’s getting herself into. Their little catamaran becomes the target of a wicked 19th century pirate called Captain Bloody who uses a magical device to plunder seafaring vessels from the future and use their technologies to make people in his own time think he’s a god.

Josephine finds herself on a black-sailed Galleon in the wrong time, surrounded by bloodthirsty pirates and the captive of Captain Bloody who has taken her as his share of the ‘booty’.

But before Josephine can say yo-ho-ho captain Bloody’s nemesis, the infamous Captain Breakheart crashes through the cabin window and steals her for himself!

Now Josephine must team up with the pirate to find the magical device that will get her back to her own time to save her niece- that’s if she can survive the many dangers of their journey and resist the charms of the dashing captain Breakheart!